ADCCG Events Details
Date :12 Dec 2017
From :10 am -12 pm
Venue :Abu Dhabi Chamber
VAT Impact On Corporate Governance

The Abu Dhabi Center for Corporate Governance cordially invites you to attend a seminar titled “VAT Impact On Corporate Governance”.  The seminar will be held on Tuesday 12 December, 2017 from 10 am to 12 pm at the Abu Dhabi Chamber, second floor.

Outline of the Seminar:

With introduction of taxes in UAE and all the GCC member states, its correct understanding, implementing and complying are paramount. It has far reaching impact on the Corporate Governance. Some of the highlights of the impact are:

1.Lapses or non-compliance would entail and may result in:

Financial Liabilities, Legal Proceedings, Diverting focus on tax notices and proceedings, Up to 5 times penalties and in some extreme cases even prison terms

2.Financial Loss

3.Becoming non-competitive

4.Disruption in business

5.Business reputational risk

6.Impact on other business activities

7.Lower employees’ morale etc. etc.

About the Speaker:

Prakash Chand Mehta, Chairman of truadvice. Mr. Mehta is a Chartered Accountant from India since 1978. He has over 39 years of post-qualification experience including 24+ years in U.A.E. His experience of over 4 decades includes in Profession, Oil & Gas industry (latest), Banking, Manufacturing, Multifunctional.