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Date :23 Aug 2017
From :10 am-1:00 pm
Venue :Abu dhabi chamber
" Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on Governance, Ethics & Regulations"

TheAbu Dhabi Center for Corporate Governance invites you to attend a seminartitled " Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on Governance, Ethics &Regulations"

The seminar will be held on 23-August-2017 at the AbuDhabi Chamber Tower, second floor, From: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at the Abu Dhabi Chamber Tower, 2nd floor.


This session, presented by Philip Weights, will discuss the “Fourth Industrial Revolution“, disruptive digital technology, the FinTech risks for banks and the financialservices sector, and the governance, regulatory and ethical implications.


This  session will discuss:


  • What the “Fourth Industrial Revolution “means for our way of life, health, job security and finance.
  • New technologies which blur the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.
  • Should we be scared of Robots and Artificial Intelligence, and will they take our jobs?
  • Disruptive digital technology, Cyber Security, Crypto Currencies, Algorithmic Trading, Data Theft.
  • The FinTech risks for banks and the financial services sector.
  • The governance, regulatory and ethical implications of emerging technology


About the Speaker:

PhilipWeights is the founder and Managing Director of Enhanced Banking Governance(EBG) GmbH in Zurich and Dubai. EBG provides corporate governance services tothe boards of directors, audit committees and executive management of banks.Mr. Weights is a Certified Professional Director through the Mudara Instituteof Directors in Dubai (DIFC) and accredited by the IFC / World Bank group.

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Note: attendance is free and simultaneous translation is available.