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Date :15 May 2017
From :2 pm- 4 pm
Venue :Abu dhabi chamber
“What Role for Institutional Investors in the Middle East? “

The Abu Dhabi Center for Corporate Governance in collaboration with Govern is pleased to invite you to attend a seminar title:

 “What Role for Institutional Investors in the Middle East? “

 The seminar will be held on May-15-2017 at the Abu Dhabi Chamber Tower, second floor, from: (2:00 pm – 4: 00 pm).
The role of Middle Eastern institutional investors as key actors to promote governance in listed and unlisted companies has to date not been sufficiently explored and indeed investors in the region have been more passive than their global peers. The talk will present and discuss the result of GOVERN’s project on institutional investors in the MENA region and their impact on the governance of listed companies, based on original analysis of the largest listed companies in the region.

The following questions will be addressed during the presentation:

• What has been the impact of opening of the GCC markets on institutional investment and on corporate governance?
• What measures can the regulators and exchanges in the region adopt to encourage institutional investors to be more active in promoting good governance?
• What should be the investor priorities for improving the performance of companies and how can governance tools be useful?

About the speaker:
Alisa Amico:
Alissa Amico is Managing Director of GOVERN, which works alongside public and corporate leaders in advancing on corporate governance in the Arab world and other emerging markets. For over a decade, Alissa was responsible for overseeing OECD’s work on financial markets and corporate governance in the Middle East and North Africa. She is a sought after speaker and trainer, having advised securities regulators, central banks, and stock exchanges in the region on their regulatory policies in the area of financial market regulation and corporate governance. Her presentations and publications can be accessed at

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Note: attendance is free and simultaneous translation is available.